NEW TedsRX FootBeds

Your footwear is an extension of your body. No one knows this better than Ted McGreer, owner of Ted’s Shoe & Sport in Keene. As a passionate athlete, with years of experience in triathlons, ski racing, and competitive cycling, his retail mission has always been to help people stay active and healthy, one step at a time.  It’s no wonder then that walkers, hikers, runners, track and field athletes as well as those looking for casual comfort shoes, have turned to Ted’s for the right products and more importantly, the right fit for the past 20 years.

A dedicated retailer, whose staff exudes product knowledge and top notch customer service, McGreer became a manufacturer of sorts in 2015 when he started development and testing to design and produce the TEDS2Run footbed. This high quality, over-the-counter orthotic, helps relieve a number of painful foot issues, such as plantar fasciitis, posterior tibial tendonitis, metatarsalgia, and Morton’s neuroma.

“The footwear industry doesn’t provide this type of underfoot support,” says McGreer.  “ Most often what you get in a shoe doesn’t support your arch, which, when done correctly, spreads pressure evenly around the foot, offloading pressure points, to establish better alignment from ankle to knee to hip.” Ask any foot doctor and they’ll tell you: proper alignment from the ground up promotes good posture, and helps balance.  

This year, McGreer returned to his manufacturing ways with the introduction of the new TedsRX footbed, a more advanced version of his original design, with adaptive arch support (a biomechanically-shaped moldable base ensuring support from the heel to the ball of the foot), natural flex to move with your feet, a fibrofirm arch support band providing additional structure, poron® cushioning (the best performance cushioning for impact absorption), and a heel cradle the optimizes your heel’s natural cushioning without causing heel slippage. For those with a high arch, low arch, or even no arch, this new footbed brings welcome relief.

“The medical community had asked for a more aggressive design in mind,” explains McGreer.  “After consulting with multiple doctors, we worked with the factory to develop multiple prototypes, and then spent a year testing it.” In the end, what he came up with is an OTC orthotic “thoroughbred,” one that makes getting out of the house and going to work without pain a reality.  This prescription strength insole was really missing in our industry, and our local foot doctors seem very excited to use this as a starting point for their patients.

“The new TedsRX gives me a tool to prescribe for my patients to help relieve pain, to provide support of the arthritic foot and to help rebalance the foot in order to improve alignment and gait.”

Dr Anna L Ruelle D.P.M.
Weeks Medical Center
Lancaster, NH